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Hip Arthroscopy

by Amir Jamali, MD

Date last updated 01/01/2017

Hip arthroscopy is a procedure that allows your surgeon to visually inspect the hip joint with a tiny camera (a bit smaller than a pen) and repair or remove tissue with instruments through a different small incision.  In the hip, it is slightly more challenging since the joint is so deep.  As a result many surgeons choose not to perform this type of arthroscopic surgery.

Hip impingement is a painful situation for patients where the femoral head and neck contact the rim of the hip socket causing damage and occasionally leading to hip osteoarthritis. For more details, refer to our page on Hip Impingement.  Hip impingement treatment can be performed either with arthroscopic surgery or with open surgery of the hip.

We currently treat approximately 80% of hip impingement cases arthroscopically and the rest through open procedures.  We have performed approximately 800 hip arthroscopy procedures since 2004 and approximately 80 arthroscopic hip procedures per year currently.  The results from hip arthroscopy are overall 90% good to excellent with the best outcomes noted in patients with hip impingement.

Typically hip arthroscopy is performed in an outpatient surgericenter and have relatively little post surgical pain.  For details about the procedure, please refer to our hip arthroscopy patient information brochure below.


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