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Testimonial 1:  

My experience with Dr Jamali and the hip resurfacing procedure has been nothing short of miraculous. I am a very active person who works 12hr days in a major medical center. The pain and discomfort from my arthritic left hip was beginning to affect my job as I was limping and out of sorts much of the time. The medications and injections were just not helping anymore. So when Dr. Jamali explained the hip resurfacing procedure to me I was excited and hopeful that I could benefit from this operation over the total hip replacement. As it turns out my expectations have been exceeded in every way. The pain is GONE!!! I have been off prescription pain medications since two weeks after the procedure. After some rehabilitation and exercise I have been able to return to work with no restrictions and my coworkers are wondering where grumpy G--- went. I am playing baseball again with some moderate success and intense joy. I am looking forward to traveling to Japan this summer and will enjoy walking and exploring so much more than I ever could have before my operation. Dr Jamali and his staff are so dedicated and professional and caring that I cannot imagine a better environment or team to perform this operation.

G.K., Respiratory Technologist, age 54,

Testimonial 2:

Dr Jamali, Thank you so very much for the great work you did with my hip; I am so pleased with the result.

I also place a high value on your personal skills in assisting all of us with our needs and concerns with any surgery.  In other words, you are a great humanitarian. 

E.C., Commercial Airline Pilot, age 55

Testimonial  3:

Dear Dr Jamali,

I am writing to thank you for the excellent care that I received from you. 

Not only was your surgical procedure done in such a way that I am now completely back to normal, with no limp, able to walk, and dance, but I also want to let you know how much I appreciated the way you generally took care of me, with kindness and reassurance that everything would be all right in the end. .... 

Thank you for your excellent care.

H.W. Retired Physician, age  83

Testimonial 4.

Dr. Jamali,

Thank you for fixing my hip!  ...  I qualified for Boston (Marathon)

B.R., Technology Specialist, age 46

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