Causes of Joint Replacement Failure

In our previous blog post, we discussed the positive results and survival of modern hip and knee replacements. As mentioned, in spite of these good results, these implants do occasionally have to be revised. Below we discuss the most common reasons for these revisions. Wear and Loosening A well-functioning joint replacement needs to be firmly […]

How Long Do Joint Replacements Last?

While joint replacements are extremely effective in restoring function to joints damaged by injury or disease, they do not last forever. They are mechanical devices that are exposed to the high stresses of daily activity. The typical lifespan for joint implants has traditionally been thought to be 10 to 15 years, but surprisingly, this is […]

Is Knee Pain Hereditary?

You received your eye color from mom and your hair from your dad, but what about your knee pain? That may, in fact, also run in the family. There are a number of risk factors for knee pain and arthritis. These include obesity, bad alignment (being severely bow-legged or knock-kneed), exposure to trauma or sports […]

How Does Colder Weather Affect My Knee Pain?

Patients often tell me that cold weather brings out the worst of their knee pain. Cold weather can exacerbate joint pain in anyone suffering from chronic joint disorders. Changes in Atmospheric Pressure It is possible to feel changes in atmospheric (also called barometric) pressure in your joints. Cold weather is often heralded by lower atmospheric […]

On Customized Treatment

An Imaginary Conversation With Your Dentist. Dentist, “Mr. Johnson, you have 3 teeth that have severe decay and we need to extract them.  I am most comfortable with dentures rather than implants.  I am going to extract all your teeth and give you some really great dentures that should last 20 years.” Mr. Johnson. “Doctor, […]

Introductory Blogpost

Welcome to my introductory blog post.  We live in an amazing time where the barriers to communication are largely disappearing.   The goal of this blog is to highlight and simplify some interesting topics in the world of arthritis, joint preservation, and replacement.  The blog will be composed of commentary by me and our office staff […]