New Year, New Knee

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New Year, New Knee

Don’t let knee pain slow you down in 2022! In the new year, make changes to improve your lifestyle. That means taking action to relieve your knee pain. Consider a long-term solution, such as knee replacement surgery.

Knee pain is a result of arthritis, aging, injury, or overuse. It can have a very negative impact on your lifestyle and mobility. If you are constantly struggling with knee pain, knee replacement surgery can be a great solution.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of knee replacement surgery:

  • Pain Relief: Knee replacement surgery can provide remarkable pain relief. A majority of patients that get knee replacement surgery report no pain after the procedure.
  • Improved Mobility: After recovering from knee replacement surgery, you will be able to move freely without pain. While you should not partake in high impact activities such as running after knee replacement surgery, you will be able to return to normal activity.
  • Improved Lifestyle: People that undergo knee replacement are able to enjoy activities that they were not able to do with their knee pain, such as simple tasks like climbing stairs. Freedom from knee pain allows for a more active and happier lifestyle.
  • Great Success Rates: More than 80% of people that get knee replacement surgery are satisfied with the result.¹ Not only are people satisfied, but they are pain-free! 90% of people report pain relief immediately after surgery. Knee replacements are also a long term solution. 90% of knee replacements last at least 15 years!²

Not only are there great benefits of knee replacement surgery, but there is even an option to recover from the surgery in the comfort of your home. Outpatient surgery is a new option for knee replacement, and it can be a less painful and faster way to recover from surgery. With outpatient surgery, you can begin physical therapy sooner and you will get a better rest staying in your home.

Knee replacement could be a way to make a positive change in your life. The high success rates and satisfaction of patients show how significant of an impact the procedure can have on your life. By relieving your pain and improving your mobility, knee replacement surgery could be the answer to a happy and healthy new year!

If you are suffering from knee pain, schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Amir Jamali at www.jointpreservationinstitute.com.


Dr. Amir Jamali, founder of the Joint Preservation Institute, is a board-certified fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon in Northern California specializing in treatments for the knee, hip and shoulder.

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